Wi-Fi 7: The End of Wired Internet?

Every year, the world moves closer to a truly wireless existence; one can only imagine a world of connectivity, where vehicles are charged wirelessly, and the constraints of cabled living become extinct. This week marked the release of the first Wi-Fi 7 capable router in China - which, though the world is still a year or two away from the infancy of Wi-Fi 7 adoption, represents another important step in that direction.


Wi-Fi 7, based on the upcoming 802.11be wireless protocols, offers both multi-link operation (think: uploading and downloading at the same time)and a much wider bandwidth of operation, up to 46 gigabytes per second, or about 40x faster than the current limits of fiber optic-based internet service. 


Though it will be a long time before this technology makes its way into commercial and retail products from companies like Plume and Netgear - client vendors won’t even begin having Wi-Fi 7-capabilities until next year. However, with each important step, a world free of tripping over wires and dealing with technology degradation becomes a bit clearer, and more exciting.

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