Turning Air… Into Water

Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show descends upon Las Vegas, revealing the latest trends in technology, from televisions to refrigerators - to green technology, including the most intriguing new product at the 2024 show, the H20-producing WaterCube.

Designed by Genesis Systems, the WaterCube is a device about the size of a central AC unit; within it, the technology to pump water from the surrounding air (‘mimicking’ the natural process of the earth), taking advantage of the increased water vapor in the atmosphere of our warming planet. 

The WaterCube, in its current form, is able to pump over 100 gallons of water daily from the air - at what the Florida-based company says has a negligible impact on the environment, as water in the air is quickly replenished, effectively creating an “infinite water source”, as described by co-founder David Stuckenberg. 

The company is already looking forward, as well, with plans to incorporate carbon-capturing features into future editions of the WaterCube, to further eliminate the need for increasingly water-scarce communities (which will encompass 1.8 billion people by 2025, according to most estimations) around the world to depend on municipal water grids or wells. 

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