The Wireless Yellow Brick Road

On March 28th, Amazon announced it would be opening up its Sidewalk IoT (Internet of Things) network to developers, noting 90% of the United States population was already covered by the low-bandwidth, long-range wireless network. Using Echo and Ring devices (who share a small part of their owner’s bandwidth), Sidewalk’s promise is in its purported ability to connect to devices that can’t reliably connect to a Bluetooth or Wi-fi signal.


Amazon has started shipping hardware and software kits to developers, allowing them to access the service’s raw data. With an abundance of application potential - from environmental sensors and leak detectors, to smart locks and more accurate package tracking - and built-in integration with existing 200+ AWS services, is a digital canvas with a lot of untapped potential for developers.


Though it remains seen whether Sidewalk is a true challenger to 5G wireless networks or other technologies (like SpaceX’s Starlink), the impact low-bandwidth connective technology could have on various industries, from agriculture, to medical, to transport, is enormous - and could potential deliver on the internet’s promise of a completely connected world accessible to anyone, anywhere.


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