The Future - In Real-Time

Back in August 2022, Unity announced a partnership with Azure to bring cloud capabilities to its real-time 3D engine (commonly known as RT3D), for a variety of applications - many of which, surprisingly, didn’t include building gaming worlds (though, as seen in this October fireside chat with Unity’s Marc Whitten, is certainly not excluded).


Beyond building immersive 3D fantasies and AR-assisted feats of wizardy, Unity’s RT3D technology, combined with Azure’s cloud, offers a number of intriguing use cases, both for efficiency (according to industry reports, the construction industry spends $450 billion a year caused by fractured workflows and inefficiencies), and for smarter design (for example, building a hospital based on real-time simulations of traffic, topographical analyzation, and maximum solar power impact,to name a few).


The technology also provides real-time interactive content designed in VR: from safety trainings, to real estate showings, to “real-time digital twins” of objects (exactly as sci-fi as it sounds), Unity’s intriguing, powerful technology could not only be transformative for the future of the virtual gaming worlds we inhabit - but have material effects on the real world, the rare technology that could truly deliver on its promise of being disrupting innovative across multiple industries and disciplines. 

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