Ransomware and PlanetRisk

Ransomware has resurfaced, affecting approximately 150 countries since May 2017. This malware has been attacking computers since 2005 by preventing the user access to their files and demanding a ransom to unlock. Cyber Security threats are nothing new since the invention of the internet. From the Trojan Horse of the 1980's to Ransomware, threats have become more prevalent and more complex.  

At PlanetRisk, Corporate Security Risk (CSX)protects organizations from threats and improves decision making. Their tools recognize and assess potential threats and relay all the facts to make confident and quick decisions. The mobile app will give you real-time global awareness to protect your business and stakeholders. Whether you are a private corporation or government entity, PlanetRisk will, "Deliver actionable intelligence enabling organizations to recognize hidden patterns, detect anomalies and forecast future conditions on a local, national or global scale". 

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