Our Steak-Printing Future Has (Almost) Arrived

As alternative meats continue to grow in popularity (and necessity), innovative companies are starting to rethink the production process of plant-based meats. One of those companies is Mooji Meats, a food tech startup that recently raised $3 million in funding to accelerate its 3D printing technology, for the use of producing alternative meats at scale (or as the company formally defines it, an alternative to existing texture technologies).


Leveraging numerous bits of technology – including a printing technology developed by a Harvard team – Mooji's meat-printing system is designed to mimic the cut-based animal meat industry, while delivering a more inexpensive, scalable option than the limited capacity of today's production devices used by companies like Impossible and Beyond. More importantly, their device is designed to produce whole cuts of meat, rather than strictly focusing on ground meat, as most of the industry currently does.


The project is still in early development – Mooji estimates they are six months away from their first meat prototype, though the recent round of investments have the company aiming to have printers on the market in the next eighteen months, which means we're only potentially a few years away from the science fiction kitchens of The Expanse and The Jetsons becoming a vivid (and tasty) reality.

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