Countertop Composting with Lomi

As the world continues to search for more sustainable ways of existence, a company called Pela is trying to integrate composting technology into everyday life, with the Lomi - a device small enough to sit on a countertop, that turns everyday compost into usable soil.


Though it sounds like magic, the process is quite simple; using household food scraps and the probiotic content of the proprietary LomiPod, Lomi purportedly turns organic waste into odor-free dirt within 3 hour - and in 16-20 hours, can produce fertilizer for plants and gardens. 


Weighing in at 22 pounds (and using about 14 cents of electricity per cycle)and retailing for $499, the Lomi offers an interesting recycling proposition, especially for those living in urban environments without regular access to compost piles. More importantly, with a scent-free container (thanks to the powers of activated carbon), the Lomi provides all the benefits of composting - without any of the pungent drawbacks. 

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