Bees and AI: Natural Teammates?

The adage of “save the bees” remains a prescient one in 2023 - and one that isn’t being ignored by technology, with companies like Israel-based BloomX, a startup using AI and automated technologies to create a bio-mimicking technology to optimize the pollination process.


Using a combination of AI and mechanical devices, BloomX’s platform seeks to first identify the best time for a plant’s pollination, then manipulate electric vehicles with mechanical arms to shake, and therefore pollinate, plants by vibrating their stems. Instead of using traditional methods, which can force honey bee populations into traditionally wild bee areas, or affect biodiversity when bee populations sag, BloomX’s technology is looking to mitigate the impact of humans on bees and their natural patterns, and help farmers better manage the pollination process (it would also help avoid devastations like pests or chemicals killing off local bee populations).


Designed to help combat issues like mortality rates of honey bees in almond fields (especially in California, where most of the world’s almonds are produced), and alleviate the other environmental stresses faced by bees and the biosystems that rely on them, BloomX’s technology could become an important tool in the future of agriculture across the world, as we adapt to our ever-changing word.

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