The ocean hides many treasures in various forms: exotic marine specimens, colorful and bizarre flora and fauna, and innumerous wreck sites.  When wrecked ships, planes, and cars can’t be safely brought to the surface, how do scientists study them? With the help of photogrammetry.  With a combination of laser scans, thousands of photos, and software that pieces everything together to make 3D models, researchers have the ability to study wrecks from the comfort of an office.  Photogrammetry helped solve the mystery of a couple who went missing in 1928 because it allowed a diver to capture images of a 1927 Chevrolet; it made it possible to display a PBM Mariner virtually in a museum - there’s only one of these planes left intact in the world; and, it’s even been used to bring real-world objects and places realistically into video games.

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