How to Make Working Remotely Work Well

Remote work is growing in popularity, and it isn’t hard to see why.  Hiring remotely allows businesses to save on real estate, and to engage talented people from around the world.  For employees, remote work removes a need to relocate and completely eliminates time spent commuting.  It’s also tempting to picture ourselves working in our pajamas, or maybe in a beachfront café, or taking time in the middle of the day to take the dog for a run.  All of this is possible with at least some remote jobs, but it’s important to remember the challenges that come with working and hiring remotely.  Do companies have a strategy in place for getting employees access to necessary technology?  How do people interact for work?  How do you make people feel like part of a team when they haven’t ever met face-to-face?  For some companies this is all new, but they’re working at getting it right.  For other companies, like Clevertech, remote work has been the name of the game for over a decade.  They know how to engage employees and clients, while building a strong community and culture.  View Clevertech careers here.

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