Football Season

It is the start of the season for the most popular sport in America.


The start of the season means that teams are finally going to see what they've produced over the past 6 months. General Managers are going to love or hate decisions they've made based on actual production on the field. Will the teams at the bottom of the pack make a rise to the top? Will the teams on the bubble of making the playoffs last year finally be able to break through?

Another question looming the NFL is the ever-so abundent term - CTE. Will the NFL be able to sustain its glory even though there is research pointing to detrimental activity in the brain after a player's career? 

Some players like Tom Brady and Eli Manning have been in the league a long time now, and guys like these need to be as healthy and active as possible in order to compete. VA Surgery Associates understands the need to be healthy in order to perform your greatest at your time of need. We are looking forward to the start of a healthy season tonight!

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