FlockU- The Real World

In a world of the internet, social media and recently a new POTUS, millennials are a unique generation facing many challenges. This generation Y, has been labeled negatively as narcissistic, lazy and delusional. Yet, on the flip side they are also extremely genuine, value authenticity and highly motivated. It's no wonder this generation has caught the eye of almost every media outlet. One outlet that focuses solely on millennials and the college crowd is FlockU. FlockU is a daily college news site, "written, created and curated by students, for students". In a world of 5 living generations, the millennials create the largest, present day living and working generation. Their worldview matters and FlockU is a college new site designed specifically for them. The Real World is a mix of articles written by millennials that discuss their worldview from politics, best donations, letter of recommendation advice and navigating spring break. The struggle is real because this generation is Hundo P (hundred percent) in making our world a better place.

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