Finally. T-Mobile and Sprint Merge.

Business is reliant upon consistently and innovatively improving your current product/service in accordance to the current economic and competitive environment. Sprint was valued at $26 billion based on its last closing price, and T-Mobile was last valued at $55 billion. Two massive telecommunication companies that have established themselves in the brains of every human that had to watch their thousands of commercials aired nationwide, have finally come together to try and form something that can keep up with their competition. 

Every business starts from the ground up. Sprint and T-Mobile first discussed a merger in 2014 but scrapped it because of concerns about regulatory challenges from the Obama administration. This new political environment allowed the two to make a mutually benefiical agreement. No matter what industry your business is in, whether its telecommunications, marketing, or clothing subscriptions at Sophistigeek, there is always room to improve and expand. 

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