Faster Than Normal – A Positive Side to ADHD

In 2016, approximately 9.4% of children between the ages of 2-17 had ever been diagnosed with ADHD.  This amounts to 6.1 million children, with the majority of the children affected falling between 12-17 years old.  A Google search for “living with ADHD,” returns 89,500,000 results.  Articles range from “What Being Undiagnosed Feels Like,” to “Adult ADHD and Your Relationships.”  Many of the articles discuss the struggles and strains of living with ADHD, but that isn’t the only perspective out there.  There’s a very interesting ADHD podcast that focuses on the benefits of being gifted with ADD/HD.  Peter Shankman created Faster Than Normal, the podcast that features people from all over the world in multiple different professions; teachers, politicians, CEOs, and rock stars are all there.  They talk about unlocking the gifts of their diagnosis, and using their self-knowledge to grow personally and professionally, bettering their lives.  That’s a lesson anyone could benefit from.

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